Digital security and efficient processes for a successful future. Ventuino IT prepares you in the best way for challenges and opens up all opportunities for you in the digital future. Consulting tailored to your IT system puts together solutions that meet current and future technological requirements. We regularly place customized updates for you and protect your IT architecture from unnecessary weak points.

Software development

Ventuino IT is anything but ordinary. Fast data provision in hybrid environments makes digitization and the associated automation possible within a short period of time. You decide whether the future will be an opportunity or a risk. As your partner for software development, our team of experts analyses individual problems and develops a tailor-made software solution for you that meets all requirements.


Ventuino IT's software development is designed for automated operations right from the start. Continuous further development ensures that your software works with high performance and over the long term. Operation and maintenance set the course for smooth processes in a cost-saving manner. During operation, proactive troubleshooting ensures a fail-safe IT environment. Active monitoring supports further development and consistent modularization.

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Our experts take part in continuous training processes and are constantly expanding their professional skills. In this way, the entire Ventuino team develops great potential from multiple detailed tasks. In addition to integrative solutions, specialists capture precise objectives and face every type of challenge. Every order, every company has individual processes - IT claims to work 100% perfectly in every detail. Our team takes care of that 24/7.
Clean Code

Professionalism, mindfulness and principles - Ventuino IT analyses requirements management according to these standards. Robustness and maintainability take over central aspects in consistent implementation. Recognized values can be found in the architecture decisions, focused on flexible development processes. Clean Code is the basis for efficient and sustainable project development; an optimization of the source code provides the best chance for long-term quality assurance.

Secure Software Solutions

IT security offers competitive advantages, provided your company prevents systemic vulnerability. The configuration of all components improves organizational weaknesses. Ventuino IT relies on the development of secure software solutions. Our goal is to consider system design and the optimization of development processes. Secure programming in the common programming languages forms the basis of our performance promise.

On time and on budget

Ventuino IT is at your side from the first consultation and later planning to comprehensive project management and a positive conclusion, so that your projects are designed and successfully implemented in a way which is technically competent, on-budget and on-schedule. Our experts will help you to optimally design your requirements and to adhere to the desired budget. Benefit from our diverse project experience and software developments.

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Programming code abstract technology background of software developer and  Computer script


When planning a cloud architecture or modernizing an existing application, Kubernetes enables the benefits of a cloud to be exploited. In numerous companies, only isolated solutions have become established over the years; there is no uniform functionality and barrier-free access from management to logistics to accounting. Kubernetes offers the opportunity to combine all the components needed for applications to run within modular containers. In this way, for example, changes can be made to the software it contains at any time. Containers also have the advantage of being able to be transferred quickly and easily from one computing environment to another.

The use of containers makes it possible to subdivide extensive cloud applications into several small micro-services that can communicate with each other during the entire development process. This means that the scalability and performance of the cloud can be effectively increased and used to the maximum. The use of this form of IT architecture enables teams in companies to work essentially more independently, while special interactions are highlighted across departments. Modules are loosely coupled to one another and divided into different programs. Each one has its own functional responsibility. A cumbersome and less flexible overall organisation is no longer necessary. In addition, it is easy to subject individual software components to various tests in order to permanently optimise the provision.

Microservice solutions

Just a few years ago, huge monolithic software systems were common. But the bigger the package, the more difficult it was to manage. Modern micro-service applications consist of many sub-components such as user administration, data collections or interfaces to third-party systems. If each micro­service acts as an independent system, the separate service clearly focuses on the defined tasks. Maximum reliability and perfection increase the entire software life cycle. This maximum scalability has further advantages, namely a light and relatively transparent container architecture, with the software itself being decoupled from the host environment.

Micro-services form individual technical aspects within an application. In contrast to monolithic approaches, the biggest difference lies in the way in which applications are selected and scaled in their core functions. Each service and function can be implemented, developed, or removed independently from all others. This means that specific requirements are made possible without influencing the peripherals.

Short development cycles offer the opportunity to react to rapid market launches with agile implementations. Updates can be carried out much more flexibly, the entire application remains highly scalable. A promising option for servers and infrastructures to further expand the robustness of the services. In contrast to monolithic approaches, the entire application does not have to be set up again immediately in these cases, but rather it is sufficient to repair exactly this component in the event of a component failure. 

DevOps Agile development concept on virtual screen.
Web development and coding. Cross platform development website. Adaptive layout internet page or web interface on screen laptop, tablet and phone. Isometric concept illustration.

Reactive Web Applications

Reactive web applications modernize companies, increase sales and expand the programming options of developers. Reactive applications give developers and operators the security that platforms will always remain accessible even when there is a lot of traffic and that they will “heal” themselves in the event of a fault. As many resources are used as the current situation requires. Reactivity is particularly important for web platforms that work with a very large audience and have high standards of service quality. 

The technology used to implement a web application depends on the form of the single page applications (SPAs) and their development. Multi-page applications in the description languages CSS, HTML and JavaScript are increasingly being displaced. This trend has continued for more than 10 years, although there have been a large number of different frameworks with different approaches in the past. However, one goal unites them all: You are looking for high-performance web applications with a perfect user experience. 

The most popular SPA frameworks include Angular, React and Vue. Angular currently provides the most popular framework content, is being developed by Google and is available as open source software under the MIT license. With the basic idea of being able to operate different platforms such as desktop, smartphone or television, the TypeScript-based language is constantly being developed. React is similarly successful and on the same level as Angular. Here, too, the term framework is in principle incorrect. Rather, React sees itself as a view library using JavaScript. Using JSX produces a mixture of HTML and JavaScript. Components with logic and markup are created.